Way Forward and The Foundation


Dear friends:

As you are aware, Christians are praying and having important, sometimes difficult, conversations about divisive issues around the theology around human sexuality. During the past two years, we have received several questions and expressions of concern as we have met with individuals, churches, and other ministries around our Annual Conference about the effect any decisions made at the 2019 Special General Conference next month might have on the ministry of our Foundation.

Rest assured that the United Methodist Foundation of West Virginia, Inc. will continue irrespective of the decisions made by General Conference. Since our founding in 1974, the Foundation is organized as a 501(c)(3) public charity, with our own self-sustaining Board of Trustees. Our Articles of Incorporation provide for a special emphasis on United Methodist churches and ministries, but that in no way limits our purpose to “only” one denomination. Despite what changes may come to the General Conference next year, or any year after that, you can count on the following:

  • No action taken by the special called General Conference will affect any individual’s or church’s ability to utilize the Foundation’s services.
  • Our mission remains to create a culture of generosity by raising, managing, and distributing funds for ministry. We plan to continue to serve individuals, churches, and ministries as we have done since 1974.
  • One of the Foundation’s core values is to be a symbol of unity. The Foundation staff and Board of Trustees continue to pray for The United Methodist Church and the upcoming General Conference. We invite you to join us in prayer.

If you have any questions about the Foundation and A Way Forward’s bearing on our ministry or our relationship with your church or organization, please contact us.

Grace and Peace,

Jeffrey A. Taylor