Giving Stories

Barbara Woods - Generosity and Stewardship

Barbara Spruce Woods died July 30, but her generous legacy lives on.  As faithful United Methodist and spouse of a United Methodist pastor, Dr. William A. Woods, Barbara Woods had a spiritual understanding of stewardship and generosity that motivated her toward acts of charitable giving. A practicing accountant until her retirement at age 81 and summa cum laude accounting graduate of Marshall University, she also had a keen financial mind. That combination led her to make charitable gift annuities. At the time of her death on July 30, she had sixteen gift annuities!  Read more....

The Perelmans - Planting Seeds for Future Ministry

“In the bulb, there is a flower” begins Hymn of Promise*. Vision and faith help us to see the flower before it blooms. After Pat and Bob Perelman accompanied Rev. David Donathan, Minister of Music & Arts/Organist at Christ Church United Methodist, Charleston, to a concert featuring an antiphonal organ, they were impressed by the way the music surrounded them. They and others began to envision an antiphonal organ in the Centrum at Christ Church.  Read More...

The Baileys - A Legacy of Lasting Support

A contemporary hymn asks, “How does the creature say thanks?” Many find that the best expression of gratitude is found in giving. Dallas and Ann Bailey have decided to give back to an institution that gave so much to them.  Read More

A Healthier and Happier Place

Dr. Roberta Rice, M.D., F.A.C.S., died in 2015 at the age of 96, but through a bequest to The Foundaiton, her legacy continues.  Read More

Legacy of Encouragement 

C. O. “Okey” McCormick, Jr. was a lifelong member of Nighbert Memorial United Methodist Church.  Okey loved the Lord and the church.  A believer in the value and importance of education, Okey also loved the church’s college, West Virginia Wesleyan College, from which he was awarded honorary alumni status.  It seemed fitting that he would create a scholarship trust to help students from Logan County who wanted to attend West Virginia Wesleyan College.  Read More

For the Betterment of the Lives of Children

Joe and Nellie Parriott knew they wanted to make a transformational gift during their lifetimes that would have a lasting impact on improving the lives of children around the world for generations to come.  The real challenge for them was to figure out how their gift could meet the needs that might exist ten, twenty, or one hundred years in the future.  Read More

A Legacy of Caring

Mabel Alice Vest Mahood was a regular volunteer at her church and with Mary’s Cradle. She died last year, but a gift from her estate continues her legacy of caring.  Read More

Dreams Become Reality

Edwin Humphreys died last year, but this year and in future years he will help someone achieve an education.  Read More

The Eternal Spirit of Caring

“…Worship your God.  Gladden the heart of a child.  Take pleasure in the beauty and wonder of the earth.  Speak your love.  Speak it again.  Speak it still again.  Speak it still once again.”   These are part of the words of a creed hung on the wall of the home of Elisabeth Brown Jacobson.  They were words she lived by, according to everyone who knew her and to her husband, Robert Stanley Jacobson.  Read More

Creating a Legacy for the Future

Gary Bias grew up within the nurturing faith community of Bethesda United Methodist Church in Ona, West Virginia.  As an adult, he moved to Columbus and started his own business.  According to Gary’s brother, David Bias, “Gary was always very creative and artistic – and routinely ‘thought outside the box.’”  When Gary’s life ended at age 50, the friends and family left behind wanted to memorialize his caring and creative spirit.  Read More

Your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger: Matching the Needs of Donors with the Needs of Ministry

American writer and theologian Frederick Buechner is credited with saying that God calls you to the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.  This philosophy drives our ministry of planned giving, where we strive to match the needs of the donor with the needs that exist in ministry.  Read More... 

A Cord of Three Strands

Alison Spiker and Grant Morris met in 2006 during a College Bible Study at Wesley United Methodist Church in Morgantown.  What began as friendship deepened as they shared their dreams of answering God’s call to healing and mission work. Read More...