Churches & Agencies

Smith Chapel United Methodist Church

Local Churches and Conference-related Ministries

The Foundation’s mission is to serve individuals, families, local churches and Conference-related ministries… we are here to help!

  • The Foundation serves the institutions, agencies, Districts, Conference and local churches as the administrator of long-term custodial accounts. For more information about the investment services of the Foundation, click this link.  We assist local churches and Conference-related ministries to create and grow endowment funds for future ministry.  For more information about Endowment Trusts, click this link.
  • We are available to meet with committees, board and leadership teams to explore the possibilities of how the Foundation can be of service. We travel!
  • We welcome opportunities to lead discussions, classes, and workshops about stewardship and planned giving.  Be reminded of that as you plan for clergy gatherings and retreats; lay leadership academies and lay speaker training; gatherings of churches, parishes, or districts; and meetings with individuals who are identified as having a need to know about planned giving.
  • Need to fill the pulpit on a particular day?  Jeff Taylor is a Deacon in the United Methodist Church and Kim Matthews is a Certified Lay Minister.  Both are willing to travel to churches to preach or teach.