Charitable Gift Annuities

Have you considered the possibilities of a charitable gift annuity?  This gift arrangement makes it possible for you to create a legacy gift for your church or some other ministry of your choice while receiving payments for the rest of your life.  It also offers tax benefits.

How do gift annuities work?

Under the terms of a gift annuity, you make a gift to the Foundation, and receive fixed payments for life at a rate that is determined by your age at the time of the gift. The rates are established by the American Council of Gift Annuities.  Upon your death, the charitable remainder of the gift is used for the charitable purpose you have chosen. The promise to pay the annuity is a general obligation and, in this sense, is "backed" by all the unencumbered assets of the United Methodist Foundation of West Virginia, Inc.

A charitable gift annuity can be established for one or two people.  The rate for a two-person gift annuity is based on the ages of both payment recipients.  Fixed payments continue through the life of the second person to die.

Current Rates

See the table below for examples of a charitable gift annuity based upon a $10,000 gift. The Annuity Payment listed is an annual payment.  Contact The Foundation for a customized proposal that includes the payment percentage rate for your age.

CGA Rates

Potential tax benefits 

Part of each payment is tax-free through life expectancy. In addition, you may be entitled to a tax deduction for the value of the charitable contribution. You can enjoy income and tax benefits today for a gift that you might otherwise have planned to make in the future.

Consider the Possiblities

To explore the options offered by Charitable Gift Annuities, please contact the Foundation.   We would be happy to meet with you to consider the possibilities.   

We offer no obligation, no cost proposals. Please call us to begin the process downlod this PDF file. You can either print and mail or fax the completed form to our office or email us this form by saving it to your computer and then attaching it to an email. For additional information or assistance in completing the form, contact us via email at or by calling 304-342-2113.

The Foundation does not give legal or tax advice. Always consult with your own advisors before deciding which gift works best for your circumstances.