The Foundation offers both Endowment Trusts and Custodial Accounts.

Permanence of an Endowment Trust

An Endowment Account creates a Trust for the future ministry of the church.  Usually only the annual income or a percentage of the market value is available to the church while the principal is allowed to grow to create more income for the future.  It encourages additional donations to the fund because of the sense of permanence and creates confidence that the church believes in its future.  An Endowment Trust can funds dreams and bridge financial hardships. 

Flexibility offered by Custodial Accounts

This type of account at the Foundation distributes funds to the church “on demand.”  There are no maturity dates and no penalties for withdrawals.  The church can take advantage of the investment management opportunities offered by the Foundation and still have the funds available for current ministries.  This is an especially useful tool for Reserve Funds.

Benefits of both types of accounts:

  1. Wide Diversification -- Trusts and custodial accounts are invested so as to provide a wide diversification of assets.
  2. Choice of Investment Fund -- Investors can choose from four fund options, from our most conservative Fund A with no exposure to equities, to three balanced funds, with increasing percentages of stock investment.
  3. Reasonable Returns for a Low Fee -- The Foundation is a 501(c)(3) corporation.  All reporting is net of fees.    
  4. Sustainable Investing--All of our investment managers have agreed to follow Socially Responsible Guidelines for investing.  We invest in stock which is socially responsible in accordance with the Social Principles of the United Methodist Church which exclude those corporations whose major revenues are derived from alcohol, tobacco, gambling, production of nuclear armaments and pornography, etc.  In addiction to screening negative screening, through Wespath Investment Management, we practice Sustainable Investing.

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